Universal Tablet Security Holder with Universal Tablet Lock - White - Straight cable lock - Maclocks CL12UTH WB

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Universal Tablet Security Holder with Universal Tablet Lock Maclocks - White - to lock all type of tablet iPad, Galaxy, Surface Lock! CL12UTH WB  

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Universal tablet holder with universal tablet lock - White - with straight ultra slim cable - Black or Silver – Maclocks

This secure support is compatible with all tablets on the market from 7 inches and more.
Apple , Samsung, Sony , Dell, HP , Acer, Asus , Amazon ...

Easy to use it can be install in all activity sectors:
Point of sale , lounge, office , lobby , library, office , restaurant, school ...

The package consists of a universal support and adhesive plate to create a fixing point behind the tablet.
This plate is about 2 inch by 2 inch includes a port security.
The holder creates a 45 ° angle for optimal viewing.
Made of high grade aluminum (default Black or White but it is possible to customize the color draft) the holder is very light and robust, providing a sustainable solution. Once attached to a table that bracket may resist any attempt of theft.
Depending on your need you can mix the colors and types of cable :

- Coiled Cable Lock White or Black ( 11.8 inch to 66.9 inch, 30cm to 1.70cm )
- Right White or Black Cable - UltraSlim (66.9 inch, 1.70cm  )

Optional :

- An anchor for securing the cable to something
- Cable theft Strong black 118 inch (3m)
- Cable Lock Black Strong

For a quote or bulk order contact : sales@ElockStore.co.uk
Black base color tablet :

UPC : 856282004805
MACLOCKS FR : REF00219-B-Straight

Here are some of the touch pads tested this product:
- Iconia Tab A200 lock and holder
- Iconia Tab W510 lock and holder

- Smart MemoPad lock and holder
- Transformer lock and holder
- Phonepad lock and holder

- Kindle Fire HD 8.9 lock and holder
- Kindle Fire 7.0 lock and holder

- iPad 1/2/3/4 / Retina / Air lock and holder
- iPad Mini Blackberry lock and holder
- Playbook lock and holder


- XPS theft lock and holder
- Latitude theft lock and holder

- Nexus 7 lock and holder
- Nexus 10 lock and holder

- Slate 2 lock and holder

- ThinkPad V1 theft lock and holder
- ThinkPad Tablet 2 lock and holder

- Surface (RT) lock and holder
- Area ( Pro) lock and holder

- Xoom lock and holder

- ATIV lock and holder
- Galaxy Tab 10.1 3 lock and holder
- Galaxy Tab 10.1 1 lock and holder
- Galaxy Tab 2 10.1 lock and holder
- Galaxy Note 10.1 lock and holder
- Galaxy Note 2 8.0 lock and holder
- Galaxy Note 8.0 lock and holder
- Galaxy Tab 7 February lock and holder
- Series 7 Slate lock and holder

- VAIO Tap lock and holder
- Xperia Tablet theft Z
lock and holder

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